Eagle Cam InstallWork is under way to begin the live webcast of the eagle’s nest in 2014. The Friends of Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, Feb. 23, installed a new web cam at the nest that will support a better live stream onto the Internet (and this page). The eagles’ nest is about 60 feet up a large cottonwood tree, and the project to install the new camera required the special tree-scaling skills of Michael Richardson of Skywalker Tree Care. This photo shows Richardson nearing the nest at the top of the tree; for an album of photos from the weekend camera install, go to the Sandpoint Online Facebook pageĀ»

The eagles should begin to utilize the nest soon; last year they laid their first egg on March 5. As you can note from last year’s posts on this page, despite incubating two eggs with apparent care last year, neither egg hatched. We’re hoping for better luck this year!